Reflections on a journey

This summer, I had the opportunity to return to Finish Lapland on a kayaking journey, a chance I didn’t want to miss. Yet I was faced with the problem of getting there: do I fly and participate in the destruction of the Nature I am so desperate to engage with? Overland transport is reputed to have less of a carbon footprint; at least I would suggest that the much higher prices one has to pay reflect environmental costs better.  So, j’ai coupé la poire en deux, as we say in French. I travelled to Lapland over land and water, cycling between ferry and train connections through the Netherlands and Germany, but flew back home – one long day to cover the distance I had taken close to a month to travel.

Below are some reflections.

Smoke from our ferry on arrival in Rotterdam, ahem.

The mills of Kinderdijk – a breather after 30km of refineries

Evening light on a Dutch canal near Lexmond

Traffic on the Rhine, Germany

Sunset on the Ratzeburger See, Germany

Sunset on the Kitinen, near Aksa, Finland

South of Peurasuvanto, Finland

Near Saariselkä, Finland

Into a stream, Saariselkä, Finland

Island on Lake Inari, Finland

Into a pond, on the road to Angeli, Finland

Inarijoki at dusk, Finland

Local means of transport, Karasjok, Norway

Sunset on Vuottasjávri, Norway

Alta river upstream of the dam, Norway

Pond moods on Bestedes, Norway

Sunset on the Alta river, Norway

Hjemmeluft rock carving on a rainy day, Alta, Norway

How many kilometres have I travelled? I do not know, nor do I care much for the answer. However, for interested parties, this is what the overland route from Mirfield, England to Alta, Norway, entailed: cycle to Dewsbury; train to Hull; ferry to Rotterdam; cycle to Duisburg; train to Hamburg; cycle to Travemünde; ferry to Helsinki; train to Kemijärvi; cycle to Alta – with a slight detour via Lake Inari for a bit of kayaking.

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