Exo-planets at home or the consequences of washing a pan

SAM_1229UntitledI’m not sure how it all started.
Perhaps with a fascination for textures, and ochres, possibly spurred by my journey to volcanic Iceland.


Dried earth by Viki crater reminded me
of Andy Goldsworthy’s clay walls aUntitlednd I was amazed by how the colours merged into one another and into the earth.




I found the same appeal Untitledto a wall in Dubrovnik.
One main colour, but so many shades of it,
and three-dimensions.




Aware of all this, a friend of mine sent me pictures of her cousin’s current art project: textured canvases representing what extra-solar planets could look like.
A few days later, when washing a copper pan at this very friend’s house, I was struck by its resemblance to what I now believed exo-planets should look like.
That was it – we forgot dinner and excitedly started taking pictures.
My friend, we discovered, has a whole solar system in her kitchen.
Nothing could be more fascinating than pans and woks.
Nothing could be more fun than photographing them and working out atmospheres.
No need to go abroad to find a Wonderland, washing up is enough.



X-108460N/3 and its ever changing atmosphere


Sungeloios, the main moon of  X-108460N/3








X-200310Z/2 (surface detail)




My friend and I now have an eye for exo-planets.
Clearly, this Yorkshire wall we walked past recently is a detail of the surface of X-100856Q/4.




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2 Responses to Exo-planets at home or the consequences of washing a pan

  1. Reblogged this on dezimaginaires and commented:
    Avec la permission d’Alice, ce joli texte sur les exoplanètes – planètes hors du système solaire – et qui explique comment on peut les imaginer à partir de photos de poêles!

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